Gibson 59 Les Paul Classic Reviews 5

I was visiting a semi retired music instructor/dealer. Whom I have known for years. and quite often bought musical item from him. Over a period of some 30 years.We have obtained a very good relationship. I have purchased from him. a 1963 fender stratercaster an epiphone 12 string acoustic a yamaha FG-400 and most recently a 59 gibson les paul classic. I was just checking on him due to his age and being in poor health . He has since passed on. God will have him playing music in heaven. On this day he pulled for his closet a BEAUTIFUL, UNMARKED, MINT CONDITON, sunbust guitar, knowing this man for many years I knew it wasn't a piece of firewood. He placed it in my hands and said thanks. I went WHAT!!! He said, for being a true friend,and for not trying to jew me down,and for being,HERE,NOW,---it is yours.

EVERYTHING-----the neck--the response--ease and playability--one awesome guitar


I don't think I have to describe any-thing about this beautiful guitar. People who know-they know. if you have to ask why, you wouldn't understand any-way

The workmanship an excellent peice of construction. this guitar will remain in my family. My 10 year old daughter plays. and I see traces of bonnie rhatt in her One day this guitar and all the other's mentioned, the epie, the strat, the yamaha. and a few not mentioned.--the mosrite dobro the mustang- the old martin. will be her's. to pass on to my my grandchrildren. O by the by. all of these guitars are in perfect conditon. I use them while preforming in the band I am with

White Wolf rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-13.

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