Gibson 98' Les Paul DC Standard Reviews 5

I purchased this with some help from my father as a graduation present. We paid about $1300.

The solid craftsmanship and twenty-four fret neck were big selling points for me. Can't miss with dual humbuckers, if that's your thing. I like a good stout bridge and tailpiece, none of that tremolo nonsense for me. I need something you can palm mute and beat the christ out of. The finish was (still is) flawless, beautiful, and lots of other great things. The warmer orange color on the mahogany back and neck really compliments the more lively flame top. But, what's all this without tone, right? Fear not, it delivers. I run 11's with the action raised, and it rings like a bell. Yes, endless sustain. Yes, round powerful notes, chords, octaves, harmonics. There isn't anything shy about this guitar. It's not as heavy as a lot of other Les Pauls, and that's always nice. If you can find one,(I think they've put them back into production) definitely give it a few minutes of your time. You won't be sorry.

It's not a telecaster. Sorry, this thing is not capable of small, textural tones. But I suppose that's not a "dislike".

After two years, I had to have Gibson take care of a faulty switch for me. I contacted them through my dealer, and Gibson covered the tab without the slightest fuss. Besides that, the construction and quality are top notch.

If you're past all the b.s. and just want a great guitar that will deliver without breaking your back(or being a slab of alder) the Double Cut Standard is it. Meaty tones, meaty playability, understated beauty.

Ryan Smith rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-23.

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