Gibson Epiphone Junior Reviews 5

I bought this from a friend's friend who ws looking for money for crack or something like that. I paid 40 dollors for it (220 MSRP) and It had barely been used. He got the guitar to be like his friends or something like that but never used it.

Although this is the first guitar, and so far the only guitar that I own/owned, I have played 3 others before. A Peavey Strat knock off with a humbucker and 2 coils, a cheap strat knock off with 2 coils, and a LP Custom. From these experiances I can tell you that the gibson epiphone junior is a great guitar. Great sound, good with distortion, good bridge work and good action. very clear sounds, almost acoustical if you want, but turn upthe gain and it sounds good too.

the strings did drop out of tune farly often, but its easly fixable. The Humbucker stands out and makes the guitar look sort of cheap.

Im not sure what it is made out of exactly, but I would guess a mix of plastics and wood. The neck is made of the same material but is screw-bolted on. Not the best construction. and it is made over seas.

Great beginner guitar, I paid 40 bucks but I ould have paid 200 if I had the money. My brother has used it with his band when his guitar was busted andsaid that It sounded great.

Adam rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-17.

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