Gibson Epiphone Junior Model Reviews 3

The first year I started to play the guitar, I got a acustic guitar for my birthday. I took lessons for a little while, but I wasn't learning anything. I wanted to do so much with it, but I couldn't because it wasn't electric. My older brother bought the guitar at a pawn shop, with an amp, for $400. I played it more than he did. About a year later he got a new De Armond electric and gave this one to me. It's not the greatest, so I'm entering this contest. I believe that if I had the guitar I could do many more things with my band, and we would get more gigs.

It plays very nice. The frets are spaced well, and it is a very nice weight. The strap hangers are in a very good position so I don't trip over my cord. The knobs are very nice and are easy to read and work with. All in all, the guitar is a good, little guitar and plays very nice.

I don't like the fact that it has one humbucker pickup. Since it has this, it always has a very clean sound. Even when I want a distortion. It isn't distorted very well and sounds bad. If I had a better guitar it would sound better with my band. Also the pickup isn't really that great of a pickup.

It has 22 frets with one humbucker pickup. Therefore it doesn't have a toggle switch. It has a volume knob and a tone knob. It also has a very nice finish. Instead of the tuners being like a Fender Strat, on one side, they are on both. It has the Les Paul style.

All in all, the guitar is a very nice guitar for a begginer. I feel like I can't expand anymore, so I need a better guitar to do bigger and greater things. Tommy Lee says, "Never a dull moment." Well, right now it is a dull moment because I can't do anything with my guitar that I have now. So I need so much to have this guitar. It is the infinite love that I feed off of. I have been playing for about 2+ years and hope to play for many more years after that, but in those years I don't want to be stuck playing the same thing. I want to expand to bigger and greater things. So I leave you with the words of Ben Fold Five, "Whatever and ever, Amem."

Seth Schemahorn rated this unit 3 on 2002-12-06.

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