Gibson Epiphone SG G310 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar in a Cash converters second hand shop for R1300 which is about 150 dollars. I've wanted an sg model guitar for years but never expected to be able to afford one for a few years yet, sowhen i saw one this cheap at the second hand shop i knew i had no choice, I HAD to get it

I love the sound of the guitar which i think is better than my friends tom delonge strat, or his squier stratocaster, ive got a few friends with les paul model yamaha's and i rate this guitar sounds better than them all, i think it has a brilliant tonal quality, the wood is of high quality which i find very impressive as most guitars at the cheaper range use chipboard or laminates, this guitar has a high quality alder body and rosewood fingerboard, ive had no problems with this guitar at all for the entire time ive had, it has the most brilliant action, plays better than many guitars ive tried.

there's nothing at all i dislike about this guitar except the fact its not made by gibson but by epiphone...but who cares about that?

Alder body, rosewood fingerboard, 2 double coil epiphone pickups, chrome hardware, i use jazz flatwound strings on mine even though i play rap-metal/nu-metal some people complain about the quality of the components but ive had absolutely no problems with this guitar and i think the hardware is quite good quality, in fact the quality is excellent for the money you spend and is better than a lot of upper-range guitars

This guitar is brilliant there is absolutely no substitute in the price range and if i had more money the only guitar i would buy would be the Gibson sg, for heavy metal sounds it is beautiful, and gives crisp distortion even when heavy distortion is put on (i use a dod tec8 multifx pedal and ibanez sml super metal pedal) people say that this guitar is better for beginners and intermediate, but i rate that this guitar is equally good for the advanced and expert guitarist, there is nothing at fault with this awesome guitar

Pigeon rated this unit 5 on 2003-08-09.

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