Gibson Epiphone SG-400 Reviews 4

I purchased my Epiphone At Arbutis Misic In Nanaimo B.C For $525 Canadian I loved this Guitar from the first time I saw it And the quality of epiphones is eccelent

Teh guitar looks sounds and stays in tune great plus everyone thinks your cool cuz you play a SG

its really ugly to play mainly because the neck is to thick the guitar is very neck heavy and all the electronics had to be re soldered because a really shotty job had been done and sometimes it wouldnt work at all

very solid and light as on all SG's the neck joint is weak but all that means is dont hit stuff with it unless you can afford to. I had to re-solder all electronics myself after having the guitar for 1 week

If I never got a sweet deal on this guitar I would be mad at myself for buying it but for the price it is a great sounding guitar

Epiphone SG-400 rated this unit 3 on 2002-08-14.

I bought this guitar at Guitar Center for 400 dollars. I bought it because i am a fan of the gibson and epiphone sound and look, and i like this guitar because it has powerful tone and is made of quality materials.

I like just about everything about this guitar. It is made with solid wood construction with a set neck, has powerful sounding humbuckers that respond well to high levels of distortion, and is comfortable to play ( as you can see, ive done my homework about guitars lol). It stays in tune very well, i didnt even need to set it up at all, it sounded great straight out of the box!

There really isnt anything about the guitar i dont like. The only thing that i dont like about it is that the tuners arent tension adjustable, but i can live with that.

Very well put together, the guitar is solid mahogany and has a set neck, the fingerboard is perfect in all aspects, the electronics are perfect, i see no faults in the guitar at all.

A great guitar, almost the same as a Gibson 62 Sg, except the pickgaurd is shaped a little different.

Guitarmonkey rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-26.

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