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I've been playin guitar for about 6 years and hopefully will do for many years... I love to play Rock, Blues with a side of Metal and this guitar does all!

I got my Explorer in Dublin, Ireland in a shop called perfect pitch. It was E1,300 but I got it for 1,200. I played a Dean ML DBDT for about 2 years and felt it wasn't doing what I wanted it to do.The ML was all for Metal music and i needed an all-rounder, so the Explorer was the way to go.

My Explorer is in the Gibson Cherry Red finish and it looks fantastic! It is more than a guitar, it's a piece of art. It can play just about any style of music, it can give soft,heavenly, mellow tones and then tones that rip your face off!

Em.... there is nothing realy. All I can say is watch the pointy bits, it has a huge body and it is very easy to bang it off something... all in all, no hates..

Its a Gibson! That says it all! Its made of a solid slab of mahogany that gives it great tone and the pick-ups are Gibson aswell so no problem there. Very good quality all round..

I highly, highly recommend, if you want to play different styles, to buy this guitar. It rocks!!!

Stevie J M rated this unit 5 on 2007-04-09.

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