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Well..this is one of those bad things turn into good things epics,it started out that a very late jammin' session results in the demise of my cherished jap fender bitng the old fridge,thanks to the help of a mad girl friend.So, out comes her credit card and we go shopping.I happen to know this guy who owns a pawn shop and ask him about guitars.To my displeasure i ask him about fenders or gibson, he tells me without haste he has a gibson stored away next door.Well ,he says it came from Edmonton Canada,and its been checked by the cops etc,i look at this thing and see that its totally black except for a half moon and star pearly in the middle of the neck,and a picture of old man gibson on the back.I ask him how much and he says 600 bucks..that's Can.dollars comes with a custom case that says Gibson U.S.A also.WELL I GET THIS THING HOME AND HOOK IT UP TO THE PEAVY AND WOW!,i mean what a cruel, crisp, effortless sound from hell is unleashed and i think ..i better look this one up on the internet,and obviously poor Tien, the pawn shop owner,has done a little more research on his guitar collection after i told him what he sold me,mind you were still good friends,but i do get asked if ill sell him back a peice of the devil he gave to me that day.

This is probably one of the best, if not the BEST heavy metal guitar ever made.Not only is this a rare guitar,you better be fit to play it,balance is sacrificed to compensate for its beauty,and if the intination is properly achieved,youll hear sounds that the ear was never made to hear.Ive been blessed with a very rare find,and its a welcome addition to my musical family.

Having to put it down to eat, sleep, or drink.

The all black hardware finish does nothing to compromise the ingenuity and expertise of the designer and manufacturer.It demands attention and maintenence,and a great guitar will do that.Ther are absolutly NO short cuts in the creation of this guitar.CHEERS GIBSON!Do they make all BLack strings ,....mmmmm.

I could go on all day about this guitar,but if you really want to get a feel of what this guitar sounds like go to the gibson web site and listen to a demo,remember, its the GOTHIC EXPLORER LIMITED EDITION,not the regular explorers.Also i would like to mention i do not work for or am affiliated with Gibson manufacturing in any way shape or form,im just a guitar player from the great white north. Thank you for your time and this web site. Jerome Fayant

Jerome rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-23.

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