Gibson LP Standard with 57' Classics Reviews 5

I was up in Orlando so I decided to go to the Samash Store there. I played about 5 different Les Paul's including the Classic, 57 goldtop, and some others. Let me tell you this one was the best looking and sounding LP in the whole place. With the heritage cherry sunburst finish it looked like a beautiful piece of fruit hanging up on the wall just waiting to be picked. I got the guy down to $2000!, an absolute steal since it was new.

I like everything about this guitar. The detail is great everywhere. The slim 60's neck is awesome. If you ever have the chance to play one though, i reccomend playing the 50's style also to see which one you prefer. The pickups are unbelieveable. This guitar is very special because it is a regular Les Paul Standard with 57 classic pickups. Normally Les Paul Standards only come with either the Burstbucker V's or 490 and 498R's. The 57 classics are much more clear sounding even on distortion than the other 2 types.

There are only a few beef's I have with this guitar. One is the case. You would think that for a $2000 guitar they could give you a case that is flawless, but this is not the case. The first one i got with the guitar had some of the lining coming off of the inside, so i exchanged it for a different one that had perfect lining, but had some scratches on the outside. I had to exchange one flaw for another. It seemed alll the gibson cases they had, had something wrong with them. Another thing that isnt really a flaw, but rather something to be cautious about is the nitro-cellulose laquer that is on the guitar; it scratches and dents very easily, but it provides a very nice finish. And the last thing is that they do not provide any paperwork except the warranty and the inspection card with the guitar.

Absolutely mind blowing.

If you are a serious guitar player with a little extra cash on you, you CAN NOT go wrong with this guitar. You will feel as though you own a piece of rock history.

Wes rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-02.

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