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I am a teenage musician who has a different bass style. Its like a jazz rock style. I am in an alternative grunge funk rock band from Ottawa in Canada. We`ve been together for 2 years now, although 2 years goes a long way with pracitsing 4 times a week. Anyways, im into funk and grunge music. I got tired of classic rock music. I also play guitar, when the guitarist in our group is doing something else or when theres no need for bass except on recordings for the effect. I use a DS-1 for both bass dist. and gutiar dist., i have a maxon phase tone which kinda multitasks as a vibrato and a chorus as well. All this goes into a Traynor 4x10 80 watt and an Ampeg SVT-2. yup...

WEll i got this sick ass bass at song bird music in ottawa canada and i paid $799 without tax. I needed a second bass that had a thicker sound thatn a fender jazz.

I LOVE THIS BABY!!!! IT IS second hand, so it has some serious abuse done to the body. But that adds personality. It has a nice thick neck with very high action (i like to fool with my axes`actions alot) adn a very solid bridge, which was one of the main reasons i loved this one. The tuners are nice, never tuned it in 6 months now. PRobably the nicest thing soundise is the two active pickups with the panpot tone and volumes. This allows so much tonal and bass variety. This makes it nice to slap and do alot of pounding and drving. USE DADDARIO HEAVIES!!!!!!!! ULL BE SORRY IF U DONT!!! ULL BE WASTING THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SICK BRIDGE. It responds nicely to effects.....NICELY!!!!!! AND I USE GUTIAR FX with it!!! IMAGINE IF I USED BASS FX!!!

1. It does not have a truss rod. which hasnt been proven to be a problem. The neck is quite solid. 2. IT is heavy. Dont expect to jump around lie a fender on this baby. 3. The neck is quite big for beginners. I would not recommend this for first or second years unless theyve been practising like hell. IVe been playing for 5 years now seriously and I still get tired after playing for 5 hours on this bass, as compared to a practise where i went 7 hours and still energized.

IT is a 24 fret, ebony fretboard and finished mahogany body. IT contains peral inlay (dots) and 4 control knobs (3 panpots, 1 master volume). It has 4 tuners which i think are gotohs., it has one of the most SOLID bridges i have ever seen, and the nut is quite durable.shaped like a les paul...


James rated this unit 5 on 2006-09-21.

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