Gibson Les Paul Classic (vintage burst) Reviews 5

I bought this guitar online at I paid 1399.00 plus about 18$ shipping. I always wanted a Les Paul but didn't care for the standards necks. Also wanted a guitar without a fancy tremolo system, for easy tuning options.

I love this guitar, I am not into how guitars look as much as I am the sound, but I must say this is an absolute jaw dropper! it is gorgeous. From the flawless vintage burst finish to the green key and aged green ivory inlays, it is a work of art. The hot pickups are also great, they give a real crunching LP tone. The slimline neck is in my opinion the best neck gibson ever made. To me it is much easier playing than the LP standards necks, also you can get the action nice and low with no buzz, this makes for a really fast easy playing far as Tone,and sustain I don't think it can be beat.

The only thing I dislike is, Mine came with "1960" stamped in gold on the pickguard, to show its a reissue I guess. I think it looks tacky, but some people may like it.

1960 slimline neck is great, smooth not overly thin, good and solid. Neck through the body of course. mahogany neck and back with maple top, rosewood fret board with binding also the body has binding on the top. High quality construction from top to bottom, very solid overall. For those of you who never held a LP it is a heavy guitar. You can tell this guitar is made to be played, It also has hot pickups which I love they give that great LP sound plus!

Built tough as nails, looks like a work of art, plays like a dream! If you want a LP This is a great one. If you got the cash I say get it.

R Long rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-09.

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