Gibson Les Paul Classic Honeyburst Reviews 5

I havent played in quite a few years and wated to get back into it again after seeing my favorite band, Tonic play. The LP Classic was the obvious choice. I did alot of pricing for this guitar on the Internet before going to my local Sam Ash. Their sale price was $1,650.00. They will price-match anybody who is an authorized dealer. I ended up paying 1,250.00 plus tax at Sam Ash Music. I bought this guitar because it is a true "classic" in every sense of the word. LP Classic IS the rock and roll sound.

Well, first, it is a GIBSON LES PAUL, PERIOD! One of the most copied styles of guitar ever. I love everything about the guitar from the color, finish, the slim tapered neck (which feels like butter)and the sound is 100% Les Paul Classic!

I am not sure yet if I like the machine heads..I have read that the Gibson heads don't stay in tune as good as Grover's. I havent played it enough yet to come to a conclusion.

This is a brand new LP Classic in a honeyburst finish. The wood is absolutely gorgeous, especially the back of the body and neck. It has a very solid feel to it, and the detail is top-notch.

I bought this guitar for 2 reasons: 1)I wanted to get back into playing guitar again and maybe jam with others...and 2) I wanted this for a collector's item to keep forever. I am 100% happy with my investment! I recommend doing alot of research on pricing before going to your local music store..I saved $400.00 off of their "Sale" price simply by bringing in a copy of an Internet price! Cheers all Les Paul enthusiasts!

Jason D rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-03.

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