Gibson Les Paul Classic Quilt Top Reviews 5

I bought this Beauty out of Musicians Friend catalog for $399.99 and not a penny more because they don't charge for postage if you buy something for $199.99 or more. I chose this guitar after a bad experience with a $649.99 GIBSON Les Paul Junior.( Not a very good buy. Cheap nut. Strings wouldn't stay in the nut.) That's a whole nuther' story ! I sent the Junior back and the VERY PATIENT people at Musicians Freind (I LOVE THEM ! ) took it back with NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I could have gotten my money back but decided to get TWO GUITARS for the price of one! I got the EPIPHONE Les Paul Classic Quilt Top and a SCHECTER PT-ELITE. GREAT TRADE !!!

IT'S GREAT ! I LOVE IT. I'm a beginner and was going to throw in the towel after the JUNIOR fiasco ( I couldn't press the strings down on it without pain ) but now I have a whole new outlook because of the EPIPHONE. It is VERY EASY to press down on the strings ( I think that means it has a very LOW ACTION ) It is a BEAUTIFUL GUITAR ! VERY NICE binding all around neck and body. It has a SET NECK which you pay a lot more for on other guitars. This is a THOUSAND DOLLAR GUITAR for only $399.99 ! You can't beat the price with a BIG STICK.

This is REALLY NIT-PICKING but the quilt top isn't as visible as some quilt tops I've seen but it IS A QUILT TOP ! The tuning nobs don't hold it in tune as good as I think it should but I'm gonna' put LOCKERS ON THIS SUCKER AND HAVE A REAL LES PAUL ! It will be every bit as good or better than a full blown GIBSON. Heck, IT IS A GIBSON ! Also, one of the tone nobs is a little wobbly ( it just got put on the pole a little crooked ) but it works just fine. It can be fixed but I'm not even gonna' worry about it. It gives it CHARACTER!

You could CHOP AN OAK TREE DOWN WITH THIS SUCKER! IT's heavy (not too heavy) enough to feel ROCK SOLID and light enough to feel comfortable. It feels like REAL QUALITY.

I LOVE IT. I'm so PROUD to own this guitar, I just have to pick it up and hold it every day. If you are in the market for a VERY NICE, TOP QUALITY guitar, this one is it. Even if you can spend more than $399.99, try this one FIRST. You can always send it back and get your money back, but I bet you won't. You'll keep it and LOVE it for a LOT OF YEARS.

FOGHAT NUT------ Danny Broome rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-02.

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