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In Norway,Pikkstad for 1 million kroners ,-

I bought this Custom guitar at a place called pikkstad in Norway. IT IS AWSOME, It has fitte pikkups that has the warmest and most juicy sound. The neck is shaped like a pikk, so it's warm and soft, not when I play it mutch, then the neck becomes pretty hard, The strings are made of kjønnshår they dend too break alot though, But I got ALOT of this strings just lying around so. Thats no biggie I'll give this sex of 6 stars, it is awsome, Worth the 1 million kroners,- Thanks for you're time.

To hairy!

Build like a human!! Solid as hell!

GET this one. Worth every penny!

Hckey rated this unit 5 on 2006-01-25.

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