Gibson Limited Addition Blue Flame Top Les Paul Reviews 5

This is the most incredible Les Paul I've ever owned and i own 3. Gibson only made 275 of them only for guitar centers. You can not find this guitar anywhere. You can check my post on the gibson forum. If link does not work copy and paste it into your browser. The guitar center in Davers, Ma only had 2 and when i went to the store to buy strings someone was buying one. So i purchased the last one, just so no one else could have it. I paid 2,299

This is the most amazing blue flame finish i've ever seen. Pure white binding that go all the way up the head stock. It plays like I'm holding silk.

The intonation way way off, but easily fixed

I could have imagined a better looking, playing guitar in the world. I think gibson taped into my head and stole my dream guitar. They only made 275 an my lucky number is 62. If you can find one buy it!!! I couldn't afford it, but i had to have it.

chocbrandy rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-18.

I purchased this amazingly beautiful instrument at my local Guitar Center in San Diego (San Marcos to be exact. I cruised in expecting to buy a Les Paul Standard for about $1,100, until I noticed a crowd standing around this mind blowing limited edition Les Paul in an absolutely gorgeous blue flame top. Everything about it just blew me (and the whole of Guitar Center) away. The list price was about $3,500, but I got it for $2,250 through a hook-up who works there.

Oh...where to start!? Eveything about this piece of art is perfect. The tone and sustain would drop Jimmy Page's jaw. The finish on this guitar is the nicest I have ever seen. It WILL blow you away. Even if can't afford the hefty price tag (I had to finance it), at least play it if you can find one. By the way, they only made an amazing 275 of these beauties, so there's about 12-15 in all of San Diego. I'm lucky number 165.

I have to work overtime and weekends to pay it off...but it's an investment considering the price will shoot up in a year or so.

Mmmm... mahogany and cherry wood all over the place! Yummy. Two humbuckers, 3-way pickup selector, pearl trapazoid inlays on the fretboard, pearl inlay Gibson symbol and other pearl inlays on the head.

If you can find one of these masterpieces, buy it!

Brett Collins rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-12.

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