Gibson Nighthawk Standard 3-Pickup Model Reviews 4

This guitar was purchased at a small shop in Auburn, Washington called Green River Music. I remember that the guitar cost about $1100 or so. That's what I paid, but I learned later that I got ripped off and the guitar could be purchased for under a grand. I chose this guitar because I'm a fan of Gibsons, but this guitar seemed more versatile and lighter than the Les Paul.

It's light. Compared to a Les Paul, this thing is awesome. It doesn't give you that shoulder ache and if you're a mover like me, your back doesn't ache too terribly bad after a show. I like the versatility. You have to humbuckers on the neck and bridge and a single coil in the center. You get a five way switch to select your pickup configuration like a Tele, but you also have a coil tap, which gives you totally different pickup selection options and sound.

I don't like the fact that I can't get the thick and huge sounds like a Les Paul. Sometimes, I just wish I could flip the switch and get the thick overwhelming guts of the LP. Oh well... you have to sacrifice something for the versatility.

It's been pretty good as far a construction is concerned. I've had it for 6 years or so and have completely beat it up. People ask me about my 'vintage' guitar. I laugh and say that it was bought in the mid-nineties. This guitar is a true workhorse.

This is my stage guitar. It gets used, rough-housed, bashed, slammed, and scratched. It looks AWESOME when it has been broken in and I wouldn't trade this guitar for ANY other. It sounds very cool through my Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket. It's very useful in the studio. Bottom line: They don't make them any more, but go to Ebay and buy one used.

Joe Wiles rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-20.

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