Gibson Nuclear Les Paul Xtreme Reviews 4

This particular guitar was purchased for $299 at Guitar Center in Roseville, Michigan. List price is advertised to be $999 for this limited edition guitar.

The guitar is a Les Paul for less! It has a wonderful neck, hot sounding pick-ups, is built like a LP is supposed to be built, and has great looking striped inlays in the neck.

The "cracked" finish on the guitar shook me a bit, my idea of a Les Paul finish is something much more basic. I did look at 4 different guitars before buying the one I did, the others had slight flaws in the finish of the fingerboard, so look closely before buying.

This guitar is built very solidly, it feels as good as any of my Gibson Pauls, though it does feel lighter in weight. The neck plays as well as any guitar I own, and I own gibson, carvin, dean, and parker to name a few. The pick-ups on this guitar are supposedly "ultra-hot", and they do have a nice grind to them. They do clean up well and blend well though, so the sweet combo sounds a Paul is known for will still come through. Looking at it from behind, its as sweet as a normal LP, but the paint is striking from the front. Do be careful picking one of these out though, they do have some minor flaws that a real Gibson wouldn't have (overseas work is cheaper for a reason), but if you choose carefully, you will love your axe.

I wouldn't pay a grand for this axe, but I feel like I stole it for $299. I do play it everyday, and it feels great in my hands. The paint job is extreme, but I like it, now! Check this guitar out, its a true to the legend rockin' Les Paul!!

Paul J Giacherio rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-17.

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