Gibson Tony Iommi Signature SG Reviews 5

I got this guitar for Christmas 2003 and my dad paid about $900 to $1000. Ive had this axe for about a month now.

This guitar is awesome. It is one of the best guitars Ive ever played. It has a bright tone and sound on a clean setting, and when you distort the guitar, it releases a heavy sound on the E, A, and D strings, and has a clear loud sound with the G, B, and E strings. This guitar sounds excellent with any kind of Amplifier, but sounds perfect with a tube amp. This guitar has 24 frets, so you wanna put some 10-46 Gibson BriteWire strings on it.

I like it all. :)

The construction on this guitar is perfect. I had only one flaw on the entire guitar, and this is it: on the plastic plate on the back of the guitar, a corner of that stuck out a little, because under it, a small chip of cut wood was under it, but after I removed the small splinter of wood, the guitar both sounded and looked like it had fallen from God. The guitar has a black finish, a black neck, and black fretboard. The pickups are crosses. On the hardshell case, it has a leather snakeskin looking case that is black, and right on the case, there is a huge cross on it.

Buy it. Its awesome.

Seneschal Flamingbones (Jon Hawkins) rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-21.

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