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Hi.Its been 3 years since I've started playing a guitar.I thought there was a need that change should be there.....So I purchased a Givson Panther.Although most of them sound like flutes,this guitar has a superior tone.Pricing is great at around INR 5600.

It beats the Givson Blue Diamond by a big margin.Although being Indian in production,this guitar can be compared to the X-plorer series made by Gibson.Shape is great,looks are killing and handling is well balanced.

One would need a long strap for this guitar because a regular one gets it high and it looks awkward while standing and playing.

As I said,the shape is great and the looks are killing.Besides that,it sports two humbucking pickups.I do not know about the strings that were already installed because I had installed the Ernie Ball strings.Unlike the other Givsons,the shape of the guitar is different and better looking.

If you feel the need to rock,this is a must buy for you my friend.I rate it 5/5!

Sahil Sharma rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-17.

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