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My mother purchased this guitar for my father in the mid 70's. I grew up begging my dad to play "snowbird" every night because that's what I thought the doves on the double pick-guards were,(I was just a kid). I have since inherited this treasured nostalgic instrument and enjoy playing it.

My favorite feature of this instrument has to be the double pick-guards. Each has a white, mother of pearl, dove pearched on a rose branch which has red roses budding off of it. The fret board has mother of pearl inlay spaced every other fret, which make for helpful yet attractive markers. I find the sound to be of excellent quality when compared to other guitars. It has a full bodied ring to it that's "music to my ears".

The only think I find negative about this guitar would be that it's not labled well. Upon trying to obtain the model and serial numbers of this unit, I found only a 4 digit number that seems to be of no value. Also, the company "Global" no longer exists, so finding additional information on this and other items is nearly impossible.

After all these years the body is still in good condition. A few tiny scratches are it's only wounds. I have only had to replace the bridge bone recently due to a small crack I noticed while changing the strings. I cannot be sure of the wood used in its construction but it has a cherry finish on back and sides.

Overall this is a hig quality instrument with the added bonus of being pleasing to the eye. Also if anyone has any information reguarding this and like guitars please post. I'll be watching.

Victoria K rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-09.

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