Gordon Smith Graf Reviews 5

Bought second hand in Surrey from a full-time musician for 225 from an advertisment. A real bargain as it is absolutely mint.

I couldn't play when I got this (still can't really!!). But it seemed so much easier than others I tried. The neck seems, in my inexpeienced hands, to be a very comfortable place to be. The finish is superb (GS guitars not known for their beauty) it is a very fine, rare instrument. It stays in-tune very well. The notes ring and ring, even unplugged. I like the versatility of the tones; coil tapped hum and a single at the neck. I guess it's true of most quality guitars but it seems to say 'pick me up' every time I see it.

I cannot do it justice ... ... yet.

I cannot fault it. Seems to be made of very fine timber and screwed together well.

I feel very fortunate that I picked up this guitar when I knew very little about them; I could have bought a lemon. I've been in touch with the builder who was very happy to give me further info about my guitar. It never ceases to amaze me what quality can be had for such a small sum.

GC rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-17.

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