Gordon Smith Gypsy 2 Reviews 5

i bought this in the oxford guitar gallery in oxford uk.it was hanging looking very sad out the back. iwas there collecting an amp and noticed it. i paid 75 for it in a distressed condition,all intact but needing a fret dress a good polish, and set up .

its an early gordon smith no 690. after a professional, re setting up by bob barry in birmingham its fantastic. and the tone and playability is great.twin or single coil with any variation between.it plays and feels like a les paul with a shallower neck i play rock blues jazz funk with it through a peterson 200 amp,4x10ev speakers and its now the only guitar i ever use.

theres nothing i even liked the colour i cant fault it

double cut away set neck mahogony neck and body with rose wood finger board.it has 2 coil tapped gordon smith pickups.it has schaller bolt down machine heads as standard.a brass nut,abalone fret dots on the finger board the build quality is excellent although,plain.i would say,its as well built as a gibson no problem.this when new,was a hand made,to order guitar.its laquered clear and a beautiful mahogany.

ive had a play on a few gordon smith guitars before i bought this one,hense the intrest in this one in the shop and they are all well made and sound good.i bought it 3 strung, unplayed and just picking it up it felt nice.after setup and a redress its great.its still here and the les paul has since been sold.i wouldnt sell it .

flatfoot rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-30.

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