Gould GS24OPB Les Paul Reviews 4

September 2003, i wanted my first electric guitar after painstakingly learning how to play an electric style on an encore acoustic. My local music store had the most gorgeous looking Les Paul copy ever! A Brilliant purple finish in the Les Paul Studio body style. I had to get this, 'cause it looked sooo class... so i payed about 199 (GBSterling

The colour of the thing is beautiful in a trans purple. Its thin like the gibson Studio Les Pauls, and is so easy to play like that. The Bridge pickup too has one of the meanest crunches when played thru mini amps its incredible. Also the neck is very very thin making it easy for me to thrash and shred up and down the fret board ! :D

It has a tendancy to fall off its strap if you dont lock it onto it, and its also a bit top heavy, but that can be overcome just by keepin hold of ya neck! ;) The tone and control knobs are also a bit loose, but tbh, i think thats just my continual thrashing abuse of the guitar ;)

Its build pretty sturdy, as ive dropped it, hit it against walls whilst playing, de-tuned it to crazy lows, thrashed it to death, and broken numerous machineheads, but its still together (even though its hangin on by threads) and is one of my personal favourite guitars to play. All in all - Well built, just take care of it

This is a great entry/beginner level guitar and i'd recommend it for anyone starting out who cant afford the great models like Gibsons, Fenders, BC's, Epiphones. I love it!

Rob Hamilton rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-21.

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