Gould XGSTS Classic Reviews 5

I bought this as my first guitar. I was going to buy a Westfield SG, but I saw this and just bought it. I think it's he nicest looking guitar ever. I got it in the sale at Real Sound for 160 (I think it's normaly 200).

I like the looks, sound, feel, weight, colour, finish, action, everything! The action is perfect, the sunburst finish is brilliant,and the lacquer picks up fingerprints well (a good sign). The weight is just perfect for me. The neck has 22 frets and the whole guitar is shorter than a strat, even with a longer neck. The sound is warm and gluey (if you know what I mean) and is good for all styles. I play mostly rock and prog and it's good at them both.

The fretboard is a bit too wide for my small fingers.

The construction/quality is brilliant! It's as solid as a guitar shaped rock. It stays in tune for ever, and is still in tune after half a year, maybe more. Thelacquer is smooth and shiny and soesn't dent easily. I banged it on a door frame and the white paint come off onto the headstock, but it rubbed of easy.

I think its the best guitar ever and it sounds real nice through my Marshall MG10-CD amp and ZOOM 505-II effects processor. If you can get hold of one, and don't mind sunburst, it's a good choice. Gould's site is www.bandm.co.uk and they have really good customer support. I quieried on the type of lacquer it has ('cos my stand stains certain types) and they replied the next day. The coolest guitar ever!

Rocky_FS rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-28.

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