Granada Les Paul Copy w Flame Top Reviews 4

Ebay. Thought I was bidding on an Ibanez Lawsuit Les Paul. The listing was a bit confusing but the pictures were great. Awsome flame maple top! Paid a measley $180 plus shipping so I have about $200 wrapped up in the guitar. From what I can tell it was made in the early 80's. Can't find much info on these guitars?

Plays fantastic, balances well, sounds great now(read final comments). Looks like a million bucks. Awesome top!

The stock pick-ups were very very weak. They were like microphones, lotsa feedback, no tone and not even usable with a high gain setup.

Solid as a rock, period!

I really got my $moneys$ worth for this piece. Ordered it thinking I was getting an Ibanez Les Paul and was pleasantly surprised to recieve a much better guitar!

Psychoguitarz rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-27.

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