Gretsch BroadKaster Snare Drum Reviews 5

I bought my BroadKaster snare used from a friend, although it was still very new and there was no damage or wear. I paid $450 Cdn.

The first thing that strikes you about the BroadKaster is the classic beauty. Mine is a walnut, wood-grain finish...truly vintage. Secondly, the sound will blow you away. They sound best when tuned VERY tightly with a medium-thin head. (Remo Ambassadors or Evans heads work well) There is an excellent "crack" or "pop" sound initially, and the overtones are very present and pleasing without being overpowering or whiny.

The price is a little bit steep.

The construction is superb. The hoops are strong and durable, and make for great rimshots. The throw-off strainer is very reliable and convenient.

The Gretsch BroadKaster Snare Drum can give you a beautiful sound unlike any other, for the right price. It is at home in Jazz, Funk, Punk or even Rock music.

Tristan rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-28.

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