Gretsch Catalina Birch Series Drumset Reviews 5

I purchased this set at Guitar Center in Marietta because I had worked all summer for a new set to increase the progressiveness of my band. The price was $699.99, but after taxes were added and stuff like that, it came to be about $734. I also got a deal in which an extra 8" tom was thrown in with a mount ($200 value) for free.

This set sure does seem a little "too good" to be considered a semi-professional set. I put new heads on every drum, and suprisingly enough, they sound just as good as any DW or Yamaha set I saw in the store the day I bought it, which cost thousands more. The dual tom mount is the sturdiest I've ever seen, saving me another $300 because I won't have to buy a tom rack. My finish is named "Caribbean Blue", and it's nothing less than gorgeous. However, I had a tough time chosing between the finish I wanted because they all look so good. Another suprising feature was the sound of the factory heads. They actually sounded really good, but I only bought new heads because it's just a thing I have about having factory heads on my drumset. This is definitely an awesome set, and it provides a professional sound to my band's music.

There's not much bad about this set. The toms get knocked out of tune from time to time, but any true drummer would be willing to tune them any time needed.

The set is very well made. Like I said earlier, the tom mount is the best I've ever seen. The finishes are glamorous, and the structure of the drumset projects an image you'd think would cost thousands more.

This set was definitely worth MORE than what I paid for it. I know it will last for years to come, and I'll probably just buy the same set in a different finish when this one gets old.

A very satisfied customer! rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-18.

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