Gretsch Catalina Club 4 pc. Reviews 5

I have played the drums for about 11 years or so. I not in a band currently. I enjoy rock n roll, R&B, some modern rock.

Musician's Friend. I paid $599

I like this kit because of it's size and sound. For a smaller kit it really packs a punch. I think it is great for the value. It came with evans coated heads which I have never played and I was skeptical but, they sound pretty good with these drums.

I have only owned this kit for a month or so. I have yet to find anything I dislike.

Construction is good. Other reviews note poor quality but I disagree. I think it will last a long time with good care. Finish is nice, hardware seems very strong.

Basically, for the price you can't get a better deal. These drums really kick butt. I have always been a hard playing drummer and I am trying teach myself to tone down a little but, I am finding it hard with this kit. Great sound, good quality, outstanding price!!!

TJHeck rated this unit 5 on 2006-02-02.

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