Gretsch '61 Tennessean Reviews 5

I got this guitar from a shop called Guitar Crazy in Coogee (Sydney) and I payed $4000 for it. I got this guitar and not the other Gretsch's because I just loved the feel of the guitar and I was surprised how good nick it was in! And obviously the sound of it!

The thing I like most about my Tennessean is that it is the most versitile guitar I've ever played! I'm in a Alt.Rockabilly band and so sometimes I play with really clean tone and other times with alot of power and distorsion and the guitar does the job. But also it's cos of my amp's too but if I played any other guitar though my amps they wouldnt be as good as my Tennessean.

I dont like how everyone loves it! I'm sure everytime I play a gig someone out there is thinking about stealing it.

My guitar is pretty much all original apart from the new TV Jones pickups and the new 'Chet Atkins Tennessean' scratch plate.

If yo have alot of cash I would absolutly suggest you get yourself a Gretsch Tennessean. It dosnt have to be as old as mine though! they are all great. If you want a new Gretsch I would go for a Tennessean Rose (Basically my guitar but 40 yrs younger if you got it new).

Michael Fryar rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-31.

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