Gretsch 6120-60 Nashville Reviews 5

I bought my 6120 at Guitar Center Sac. Ca. I paid $1772.23 and also bought a Vox AD60. I love both!

I love it's versatility. Nothing I've played captures the sounds this baby makes. Clean, distorted, rythem, lead, it can do it all and do it well. Everytime I go out and play people go nuts. Everyone I've let play it say it's the nicest axe they've every laid their hands on. What can I say, I used to want many guitars. Now I'm satisfied with just my 6120. I never thought I'de fall in love with an orange guitar, Go Orange!


Maple, Ebony fretboard, Bigsby. Excellent. Only wish it had a Nitro Celelous finish, but I'll live.

I'de buy it again if I had to do it all over. Well worth the $$$$.$$

Monte rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-16.

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