Gretsch Black Sparkle Jet G1615 Reviews 4

Before I start this, I just want to say that when I first saw this guitar at my local guitar store, i pretty much pissed my pants. When i first played it...well lets not get into that. So that's basicly why i bought it. I paid about $800 for it.

Well the first thing I noticed about it is what it looks like. Wow! It is by far the coolest looking les paul shaped guitar i have even seen in my life. *But how does it play, Ben, please tell us!* Well, the neck is by far the most comfortable I have ever played. The fret wire is the perfect size, the tuning pegs work very well, and the pickups are great as well!

There are only a few things a don't like about it. Like some of the hardware isnt the greatest. I dislike the bridge they used (wraparound) and the thing between the headstock and the neck (couldnt tell you what its called for the life of me) is made of plastic, and isnt the best quality. Also, on mine i found that the bridge pickup was loose or something so that when i played aggressively it would make a "fwoofy" sound (cant describe it) but that was fixed by just putting some pressure on it and moving it around a very little bit.

It has a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard, but it dosnt say on the site what the rest of it is made out of, so i sent them a letter asking them. The guitar weighs about 6 pounds, so it's fairly lightweight. its great quality.

This is a great guitar, i would pay $1200 for this unit, but i thankfully I only had to pay $800. It's my second guitar, and was a huge step up from an old $300 vintage series jay tursor. I can honestly say that i like this guitar way more than any gibson, fender or jackson ive ever played. Come to think of it, i like it much better than any guitar ive ever played.

Ben Martin rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-13.

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