Gretsch Electromatic Sparklejet Reviews 2

I bought this for about $229 at Guitar Center Hollywood in 2001. I was surprised to find a new Gretsch for this low a price. And it is a very nice looking guitar.

I like the look alot. Red sparkle finish and a variation on the standard Les Paul shape. The humbucker (not filtertron) pickups sound pretty good, too.

The bridge is terrible. I broke strings all the time when I used it for gigs. I had a repair shop try to smooth out the very sharp saddles, but it didn't help very much. It still breaks strings way too much. Another problem is that the neck is not one piece; there are two pieces. The larger part is most of the neck up to the 2nd fret. From the 2nd fret to the headstock is a separate piece of wood, and the two were glued together. When I dropped the guitar, the glue joint broke. I wrote a letter to Gretsch and the very politely called me and said I was out of luck. They didn't help with the broken neck, nor with the string breakage problem.

Beginner quality instrument, Grade C design and construction quality.

This is a pretty guitar, and suitable for beginners and some light practice. It is not for professionals, unless you really like the sound and are willing to live with it's poor quality construction.

Ray Duncan rated this unit 2 on 2003-06-21.

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