Groove Percussion Economy Drum Stick Bag Reviews 1

I have played drums for five year. I jam every week with my friends, however, am not in a band that gigs.

I bought the Groove Percussion Economy Drum Stick Bag from Sam Ash for $9.99. I bought this stick bag because I wanted a stick bag that was cheap, relatively small, and was able to be hung on my floor tom.

There isn't a whole lot I like about this bag. I like the size of the bag, and the zippered pocket on the outside for drum keys and such.

This stick bag was not well thought out. The inside of the bag is lined with a cheap velvet. At first, I thought that this was nice. However, upon removing a stick for the first time from the bag, I realized it was a gimmick. If your sticks are chewed up from hitting cymbals and rimshots as mine were, the splinters get caught in the velvet.

The zippers on this unit feel very cheap. Although they have not caused me any problems yet, I think they will in the future. Another problem I had with the stick bag was with the clips ment to attach the bag to the floor tom. These clips did not open wide enough to fit around the tenson rods. I was required to force them around the rods, which bent the clips.

I regret buying this bag because of the problems I had with it stated above. If I had to buy another stick bag, I would spend two more dollars on the Zildjian Nylon Stickbag which does not have any of the problem I had with the Groove Percussion Economy Drum Stick Bag.

barbedwirekeyboard rated this unit 1 on 2005-12-06.

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