Groove Percussion PVT16 Drum Set Reviews 4

I got this 5-piece kit at my local SamAsh for $299.99 on a sale, and the retail for it is $599.99. I think I got a great deal for the price, because it also came with a throne, all hardware, hi-hats and a crash/ride cymbals, and sticks.

First off, the hi-hats are ok, but I didn't like the crash/ride, I don't think a cymbal could act as two. Anyway, the throne is good, so is the hardware and heads. You could get better, but they are good for the price. The snare and tom toms are good too. You have to tune them good though, and I had to put a pillow inside the bass.

I didn't really like the crash/ride cymbal. Everything else was ok.

Well, like I said, the construction and quality is good, for the price I got it for. Some may agree, some may disagree.

I would recommend this kit to any beginner. This is a great first drum set, and it's my first one, too. I wouldn't really suggest this to any intermediate players.

Tim rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-03.

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