Guild D-30 Black Reviews 5

I've got an old fraternity brother that owns Musician's Warehouse in Athens, GA. I was thinking about upgrading my acoustic, so he offered to cut me a deal on a brand new, close-out Guild D-30 black with the pearl inlay and gold hardware -- a beaut. With case, I think I paid $600 or so. Well worth this and then some!!!

Sometimes I play well; and sometimes I don't. But with the Guild, I always play with power. I don't understand why anyone would amp this hoss, cause it can crank it out without any help. The action is smooth. I love it. Too, with the black finish, I kind of feel like I'm paying tribute to my hero Johnny Cash. I strapped my guitar and wear it on my back -- and I feel like giving the warden a finger -- just like JC.

Would have preferred a forward strap attachment -- rather than having to tie one on. Other than that, not much wrong can be found.

High quality construction throughout. Black finish, pearl inlay, gold hardware. Nice. Nice. Nice.

I don't hear much about Guilds these days. Folks are always going on and on about their Gibsons and Martins. I feel like I've discovered a hidden, secret treasure in my Guild... so much so that I am looking for a Guild electric to round out my collection. If you want something that looks great, sounds better, and is a little different than everyone else is playing... get a Guild. You'll be very pleased.

KP Tolbert rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-30.

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