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Enjoy playing classic rock mainly. Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and the like. Also a huge 90's alternative fan. Been playing off and on since high school starting to get more serious about it.

Purchased from E.M. Short Guitar in Wichita, Kansas. Paid $900.

I have only had it for a couple of months I got a great deal on it because they have quit making the old style Guilds. It is very attractive to look at. Before I had it set up the action was very low and buzz free. When I bought it I had the guitar tech put heavy gauge strings on it and raise the action to accomadate lower tunings. This guitar would hold its tuning under water. Sound wise this guitar is louder than Posiedon booming bass and mids. The highs were nearly muddy when I bought it. I attributed this to its newness and was right. It gets sweeter every time I play it.

Extraordinarily heavy for an acoustic. The fretboard is ebony and the bridge is rosewood looks kind of odd (to me anyway). Something about the frets is not to my liking maybe it is the strings I am using but the frets seem rough during bends. I plan on polishing them with jewelers rouge during my next string change.

This guitar was built in Corona California by Fender. They are no longer built there they moved them to the Tacoma factory. Flawlessly put together fit and finish are excellent. You can tell from looking at the wood used that they are of excellent quality. The solid sitka spruce top has a really sweet shimmer to it. The solid rosewood back and sides are deeply grained and attractive. Ebony fretboard,mahogany neck, five ply binding on the front single ply on the back. The inside of the body looks neat and clean. Cool looking herringbone where the two pieces of the back and sides are joined. The finish is tough and polished to a great shine. Grover tuners work wonderfully. It has no electronics but don't need em. Amps are for Les Pauls and Stratocasters.

Over all a terrific guitar it just needs a little more breaking in. I have been told Guilds are made thicker in the body and take longer to break in. As it stands right now it sounds like a brand new Martin D28. I would recommend it to anyone. Awesome quality and I got a great deal. This guitar blows my neigbors Taylor away and that pleases me.

Danno rated this unit 5 on 2005-09-19.

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