HB 7 pc. Predator Set Reviews 4

i played the drums in a band for over 10 years back in the 70`s to the early 80`s, got out of music, sold all my gear, started a family, now getting back into playing classic rock(aerosmith,bad co.,zz top,etc.) of course!!

went on e-bay and found HB drums, went through their catalog and purchased the 7 pc. predator series drum kit. paid $500.00 for it

6 ply birch shells, a steal at this price! the hardware is pretty descent and versitile

you need to "re-head" the kit to maximise the sound quality, and you have to upgrade the cymbals

quality 6 ply birch shells, heavy duty hardware

comparing what you would pay for birch shells on a "name brand" kit, you cant go wrong! a little upgrade here and there, and now i have a very good looking kit that has a sound i would put up against any kit out there!

George Acker rated this unit 4 on 2008-03-01.

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