HB HB Predator 11 Elite Reviews 5

I purchased the HB Predator 11 Elite set directly from manufacturer for $1300 including shipping.

I got the red lacquer finish and it's amazing...the quality is very good, hardware quite good and shells are birch! Tone and looks are impressive! I was looking at Yamaha, Pearl and Tama and this set blows them away at about half the price or less. People at HB are excellent to work with and they filled my order really fast.

It would be crazy to nit pick on this HB set for the $$. C'mon, it's the real deal...if anything the heads aren't the absolute top of the line but are definitely decent.

Solid Birch shells...need I say more for this price? Clean finish, double braced hardware, matching birch snare is very nice.

This set is awesome, I always wanted to be surrounded by a massive drum set and I fulfilled my dream without going broke!

Metro Gnome rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-21.

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