HB HB Predator 7 Piece, w/ Extra Bass Drum Reviews 5

I purchased the products through the internet, because i got a large interest in drums and needed an affordable product, and paid 430 for the 7 piece set, and 180 for the extra bass drum.

The drums, for the price, are an insane value. The birch creates a completely full, vibrant, and rich sound, even with the stock heads. For 430 dollars, and 7 whole drums, and for an extra 180 for another bass drum, the set just comes to life. I haven't heard a set this loud before. And the sound they produce, it's just phenominal. Plus, the crash that is included sounds sort of like a china cymbal, so it's awesome. Plus, the straight cymbal stand included is very sturdy and durable. ALSO, these drums can take out any beating you can possibly muster. I play HARD, hard hard hard, and these drums barely move. It's awesome.

The hi hat stand needs to go, along with the hi hats. The hi hat stands angles the hats if you hit it a little too hard on one side, and the actual hats sound like tin being thrown at dirt. Also, the bass and snare drum specifically, could use new heads. The bass pedal is cheap and has a plastic foot plate, and just isn't that responsive or adjustable

The 20 lug bass drums are astounding, accompanied by the 9 ply birch, it's just unbelievable. Same goes with the tom toms and floor tom, they're just so well constructed, completely solid. It's amazing! And the sound that comes out of these drums, wow!

These drums, along with their amazing wood construction and durabilty, followed by their great sound out of the box, are just a sure win if you're on a tight budget, need a back up set, are a beginner, or just want to use a brand not heard of often that is just as quality as the name brands. This set won't let you down! And get an extra bass drum, you won't believe the power you feel!

Danny rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-22.

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