HB Predator 5-Piece Reviews 4

I bought this drumset on Ebay for about $300.00 new. I needed a kit FAST. I was having to borrow a set for my band to practice and needed a kit of my own.

The first thing I noticed about these drums when I got them out of the box is that they were strong. 9-ply maple to be exact. The bass drum was well constructed, 20 lug design with maple hoops to keep heads on. The hardware is very well contructed, very strong...not often seen in off-brand kits.

THE CYMBALS ARE HORRIBLE. Granted, this is an off-brand drum set, but I have never seen cymbals so paper thin and dull sounding in my life, imagine wrapping cardboard in tin foil. And believe me, I have played on some crappy cymbals. The first practice we had, I bent the hi-hats all to hell. But, what can you expect from a $300.00 set? At least it came with cymbals. The snare isn't all I'd hope for either but the snare-side head did have a rip in it.

Like I said, these babies are strong, t-u-f-f even. I play HARD, I mean I really hit the damn things and these seem like they will last me a while. The bass drum and pedals (hi-hat stand pedal included) are pretty good, considering the price. I was very surprised.

If you are opening this set and expecting to find a bottom-line cheap-o depot set in the box, think again. I would honestly say that this is one of the best or THE best set in its price rang, cymbals aside. Very good for a begginer/intermediate drummer...or a drummer that just needs a set quick and doesn't have alot of dough (i.e. me).

A.B.C. rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-11.

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