Hagstrom Jumbo Acoustic Reviews 5

Dad bought in Denmark St, London in sixties. This guitar is a gibson acoustic copy.

Excellent famed Hagstrom neck, slim,fast and straight after many years....rich, complex sound reverberates, something mysterious is going on inside...I read on a hagstrom site somewhere that the insides were pretty unorthodox. Outside looks like fairly conventional gibson copy, sunburst, no cutaways, gibson style head..Soundboard seems to be two spliced pieces, rings getting narrower to outside edge

Only trouble really was the original machine heads mangled themselves up and were replaced, and binding on neck came off, was replaced but needs doing again.

Swedish made by Bjarton, good solid build; excellent quality. Strings thread through bridge; beautiful very low action.

Grown up with it as one of the family; he ain't heavy, he's my hagstrom.

Agent Solo rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-12.

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