Hagstrom Model III Reviews 5

It was my dad's guitar.

It still sounds great for a 67, and i love it. One of the best! One pickup doesnt work, but thats just one small detail bout mine.

I cant think of many dislikes. She looks good, sounds great, but the neck may be a little thin, hey, i like it just the way it is.

Great Constrruction, dont expect this one to fall apart, and please! dont let it fall apart for any reason, its too good, and may be getting kinda rare i hear.

Its the best, if you find one in a guitar store, it probably wont be cheap, but get it! There arent many left in the world nowadays. I love the Hagstrom 3.

Raymond Piatt rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-05.

Got it from a friend for Free!

The Neck is a thing of beauty, even if a little thin. Plays VERY fast, with a very light touch.

this guitar has ruined me for alot of other "better" guitars, and I've NEVER amplified it! Another dislike.. It's a b#$%h to wire up :(

Amazing quality for it's age! The neck has really held up to many MANY years of abuse from me and her prior owners.

when I first put this thing in my hands, it felt really natural. The guy who had it before me said that it was shot, and he was right... ALL of the wires, capacitors, etc. were taken out. I've tried and tried to find more information on how it was wired, and what all of the switches did when you twiddle them, but I'm thinkin of wiring straigt on/off for the 3 pickups and just going on with it :)

Eddie T rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-15.

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