Hamer USA-Built Mahogany Reviews 4

I don't recall the $$ but I got it at Parkway in Clifton Pk NY because it looked weird, sounded great, and didn't weigh a whole lot. It probably didn't cost a lot either.

See above. Also, tone is mellow but not dead or muddy, with a nice humming middle and strong lows. Lows are not hugfe, but are clear and have "shape". Body shape is very compact, but not stock. Someone has pared down this ax to a new and unique shape. Have set a real low action, plays really fast and friends love to play it as well.

It has a set neck [prefer bolt-on] and despite the chop-shop body it is still a bit too long for some cases and bags.

All mahogany with set neck. EMG PJs with reversed split coil. 4-in-line peghead, flat with string tree, and sealed Schaller tuners. Adjustable width Schaller roller bridge

Even though the customized body caught my attention, I suspect that most any USA-built all-mahogany set-neck 4 string Hamer with EMG PJs will sound and feel like this one, and I recommend you check out any example that you encounter.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2004-12-07.

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