Hamer Centaura Import Reviews 5

I was grazing at a local new/used music shop- Moe's Music, Va Beach, & this guitar grabbed my attention. I'd been looking for a guitar to replace my Ibanez RS440 w/EMG's- w/HB-S-S setup & saw this one. I'd bought another Hamer import 9 mos ago as a practice guitar & was blown away by the sound for the money. I paid $300 for it- it has minor dings & virtually no fret wear.

The harmonic overtones are great. I think it's swamp ash. It's lighter than mohogany & has good sustain. The bridge PU has high output & super harmonics. The mid & neck pickups are sweet & loud- probably not stacked HB's like on the USA model. It is very playable all the way up to the 24th fret. It was a joy to play through a Korg PX3 -probably due to the classic rock, stack, & shred patches.

Nothing I can think of. This is not a fancy guitar-no body binding or carved top but looks very nice- semi sunburst with natural wood.

Very good quality for an import. The pickups are probably clones of the DiMarzio's on the USA model but cloned well.

The playability & sound is great for a cheap import. Although it is probably best as a shredder guitar, because of it's harmonics & sustain it sounds great as a lead guitar for Rock & Blues also.

RockingChristian rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-16.

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