Hamer ECO-2T (Ecotone) Reviews 4

Paid about $525 US. I walked into the Guitar Center with the intention of buying a $2,000 hollow body electric. I had looked at Guild and 'other' guitars and wanted a top end insturment for a specific sound. The little Korean Hamer won.

I was a bit wary of Hamer, especially the Korean units. Another maker (famous for their expensive hollow-body electrics) have started selling Korean 'solid boides' as well, but I wanted a top-end American made guitar. I played a dozen guitars from four different manufacturers (ignoring the setup) ranging from $2,000 down to $400. The Hamer fit and had precisely the feel and sound I was looking for. I am amazed. I had it through a tube amp and loved it. When I plugged it into an acoustic amp, it blew me away. The intonation is outstanding, the neck is straight, the finish is impeccible. The fret job is outstanding (unlike most of the current offerings, Les Paul and Laravee being two of the worst). I like the stop tail piece, too. One other thing. The neck goes all the way through the body. The sustain is so good, it's nearly an aggravation. The Duncan humbuckers are perfect.

Out of the box, the setup was a total loss. The bridge was too high, the neck had NO bow in it, and the adjustible saddle was way off. It took me about an hour to get things where they worked right (I wouldn't let the folks in the store touch it). The tuners could be better, but when they need changing, good tuners are cheap. No manual of any kind with the guitar, not even an advertising flyer.

The fit and finish are outstanding. The metal is average to good. The fret job is outstanding, and all adjustments are easily made.

This guitar deserves better tuners. It isn't a showpiece, nor does it pretend to be a $5,000 guitar. When speaking of tone, intonation, sustain, and playability, it was the full equal of anything else I played. In spite of its Korean heritage, this insturment is an excellent value, delivering far more than its price or origin would lead one to expect. Were it not for the tuners, it would rate a 5.

Willie rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-09.

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