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Ebay, $300 including shipping for a brand new axe!

It's just about as good as a good Gibson 335, for about 15% of the price. The original pickups were good, but I decided to put Gibson's Classic 57s in, just to make it as 335-ish as possible. Now it's a GREAT guitar. I used to have an Epiphone Sheraton (also a real nice 335 clone which I bought those PUs for originally), but I was never comfortable with the neck. The Hamer fits my hand perfectly, and plays/sounds just like a good 335 should!

Nothing. It's a real fine axe.

Not as sturdy as my Les Paul, but if you don't rumble with it, it'll hold up.

$2000+ for a Gibson 335? Are you nuts? I dare you. Grab a Hamer Ecotone or an Epiphone Sheraton, do a head to head contest with a 335, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Swap the pickups, if you think you must (altho the Hamer and Epiphone stock PUs are really alright), and you'll find yourself pocketing the difference (you can buy alot of other gear for that extra $1500 or so). I can't believe Gibson is still in business.....

Bryan Hunt rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-25.

I got this guitar in trade at a local guitar store.It was marked 569.00 I traded a Robert cray Strat for it"even trade". I went in to buy a custom shop Gibson ES335. I had the strat and 2500.00 for the trade. As they were crunching the numbers I grabed the hamer just to kill time. The neck on this thing blew me away I told the salesman to hold so I could plug it up"dont think he liked it but he did"That was it I was SOLD!!

I have ben playing a 1969 Les Paul custom for ever.The fretwork and neck were better than old Black!!!. In the store I played it on a Roland Jazz chorus. In lead position on the hot chanel it turnd every head in the store! Hit a few jazz licks in the clean position just as good as any top end in the store.To the salesmans dismay I bought it on the spot"blew his comision to hell" sorry Paul!

The setup was not to my preferancet. The intonation was good but the pickup setings and string hights were off. The store offerd to set it up but I wanted to play with my new toy.In less than an hour it was setup and I was playing.The other thing i didnt like was the vintage tuning machines. I will probably change them out.But for the money I saved who cares!!!

The fit and finish on the guitar were flawless. The plateing on the hardware was good the binding simple but elagent

As i look at it I stil cant beleve i bougt a Korean guitar.But fact is it plays better than most of my top end guitars This thing is a winer good job Hamer!!!! feel free to distribute this letter and my name and email

Tom Logan aka stickman rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-21.

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