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I purchased this guitar at Fuda's Music in Ozark, Alabama about a month ago as an early Christmas present for myself, with my wife's approval of course. I had been looking for a good semi-hollow blues guitar to compliment my American Standard Fender Strat and Fender Telecaster. I got this guitar for about $600. (Echotone Aztec Gold)

This is one beautiful instrument. It has a SOLID maple gold flame top that is flawless. The back is also solid maple in a brown coloring with cream colored binding on the sides, around the fretboard and around the F-holes. The hardware is in a gold finish and is top knotch. The pickups are DUNCAN DESIGN and have a very sweet, clean sound. The semi-hollow body on this unit sounds extremely fine unplugged as well as plugged.

It would have been nice to have a sheet describing the volume/tone control layout for the pickup configuration. The adjustments for the center switch position were a bit confusing to start with, but I figured it out after playing with it a while. As far as the guitar itself, I have no dislikes at all.

It has a good straight neck. The solid maple top and bottom give it a real good tone and the sustain goes on forever. The gold hardware is exceptionally pretty and very solidly built. Will hold up to much use for many years. All joints are solid and smooth. The fret work is excellent, no sharp edges or bad fit. The DUNCAN DESIGN humbucker pickups are top grade. Great clean sound and kick-butt distorted. Better construction and appointments than some guitars I have played priced in the thousands.

If you like Blues or Jazz, this is the guitar for you. Blues is what I mainly play on it and I have not found anything at any price that can touch it for quality and sound. This thing has tone dripping off it! Since I purchased it, my strat and tele have both become very jealous from being ignored. This guitar is a joy to play and makes playing just pure fun. It may be Korean made, but it can hold it's own against any American made model. I play it through a Fender Princeton 65 and a '76 Fender Vibro Champ. This guitar plays equally well through either type of amp. Give one a try and you will love it, too!

Wayne rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-10.

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