Hamer Slammer Centuria Reviews 5

i got this with a KORG AX100G processor for abot Rs. 20,000. that's about $420. this was my first electric. Although Slammer is known for their Bass guitars but i fell in love with this compared to Ibanez and Tansen.

It has a beatuiful diamond sparkling red. great for stage shows. it's pretty light compared to other guitars. it has 24 frets, all easily playable. it's got two humbucking pickups plus an additional single one. i love the feel and look of this. i've used this for a long time and it still hasen't got grounded. the tremolo arm(orignal Floyd Rose) works as good and it hasen't yet detuned my guitar. its super for the price. i compared it with ibanez and i found this much better.

the biggest problem is that you have to keep tuning this guitar every 5-6 hours. even kept unused it gets detuned(unless you lock the fretboard, like i've added). and it gets scratched pretty soon(maybe i hit it too hard). it VERY hard to tune it to Eb.

its got a diamond sparkling red color, useful for stage shows. it's got a superb 24 freted fretboard with markers. the input plug key is damn cool and the lead does not slip off. it's got a double locking floyd rose tremolo bridge. the head is black in color. i've been told that the fretboard has a special ingredient that keeps the fretboard from getting wopped. its a true beauty!

it more than great for the price. if you're a beginner then you must buy this coz it will last long. try to keep the guitar from being scratched and hold it not from the fretboard. i've got a Stranger and a Marshall amp and it sound a beauty in both. its the best! Email me at uvsisin@rediffmail.com for further inquiry or any help.

Uday Yadav rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-29.

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