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Bought at my local music store, guys I have gone to ever since I started playing ten years ago. Paid $150.

Due a set of very unfortunate circumstances, my baby, my mid 80's B.C. Rich Warlock was destroyed. It was my only guitar because it was the only thing I ever needed, and I had hardly any money to replace it. Even the lowest priced Warlocks were out of my range at the time. The music store that I go to got some of these Slammer guitars and had them on special for Christmas, so I tried one out. I didn't expect too much out of the guitar, but they hooked me up through a kickass Ibanez distortion pedal called a Smashbox and turned on the amp. DAMN. This thing sounds VERY good, even compared to a guitar in the mid priced range. I even took home the pedal! Take it from a person who has owned a Warlock, an Ibanez USA Custom and a Gibson SG... This is a whole hell of a lot of guitar for the money.

The only thing I didn't like about it once I got it home was a tendency to go out of tune. I use very heavy strings. I took it back to the store, and with just a little bit more money, got it tweaked and had new tuning heads put on. Now it's solid.

The body is just the Hamer "Standard" body design. It's a pretty handsome looking thing, except for the cheesy SLAMMER logo on the headstock. A well placed sticker took care of that. It doesn't compare to the fear inspiring angles and spikes of my Warlock, but it looks decent. It wears pretty well too, and is easy to jump with for all you aggro rockers out there.

WELL worth it. A stellar beginner guitar for sure, and a wise buy for anyone who needs a crunchy guitar in a pinch, or a back up axe. I would have no qualms about gigging with it anywhere.

Jreamy rated this unit 4 on 2002-04-16.

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