Hamer Velocity II Reviews 5

I bought this bass on ebay for about $300 including shipping, and it is the best invested $300 of my life.

Extremely playable, great action and sound, versatile with many playing styles and genre's of music. Plays well out of any amp. It has yet to let me down. Great bass for an earlier player particularly because of the wide neck. A lot of room for your fingers. Great for slapping, picking, and fingers. It also is a beautiful specimen, naturally finished bubinga body, five piece maple and alder neck.

Some of the knobs tend to get loose, but it's not that often nor time consuming to be annoying.

It's the best bass for buck available. Many friends and family with expensive basses (old and new fender jazz and p's, ernie balls, gibsons, warwicks) this bass is up there and less than half the price of all of them

Patrick Reimer rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-08.

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